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How it Works

When you arrive at EZ Clean Express Wash pull into the cashier station. When it is your turn at the kiosk, the License Plate Reader will communicate with the pay station.  The information it gathers will tell the system what package of car wash to give you.  You will need to roll down your window to receive your receipt which verifies your membership. When it is your turn to enter the car wash, an attendant will indicate to move forward as directed.  If the License Plate Reader is unable to read your License Plate for any reason, kindly get the attendants attention and they will immediately resolve this issue. 


The EZ Clean Car Wash Unlimited Wash Club Program is for personal use vehicles ONLY.  Limo’s, taxi’s, and other commercial use vehicles are strictly prohibited.  EZ Clean Car Wash also reserves the right to close any location due to equipment related issues or concerns, and for inclement or dangerous weather conditions.  EZ Clean Car Wash also reserves the right to cancel any membership at any time for reasons that are conducive to the operations.  This may include the outright abuse of membership privileges, inability of EZ Clean Car Wash to meet the needs of Unlimited Wash Club, or a similar reason determined by EZ Clean Car Wash as worthy of membership cancellation.  EZ Clean Car Wash also reserves the right modify portions, in whole or in part, of the Unlimited Wash Club.


The EZ Clean Car Wash Family fully appreciates your business and is committed to the service and quality of your overall car wash experience.  We hope that you will enjoy being an Unlimited Wash Club member and once again, thank you for trusting in us to meet your car washing needs!

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