RFID Sticker Placement

EZ Clean Car Wash will determine the placement of the RFID sticker based on manufacturer recommendations.  This sticker should never be tampered with and is NOT TRANSFERABLE to any other vehicle other than the vehicle indicated.  EZ Clean Car Wash will cover the costs for replacing any sticker that is not functioning properly under normal circumstances.  If it has been determined by EZ Clean Car Wash that a RFID sticker has been tampered with which has caused the sticker to not operate properly, termination in the Unlimited Wash Club program may result, and/or the customer will be responsible for the replacement cost of the new RFID sticker.  Replacement cost for a new RFID sticker is $7.00.  The following is a list of other instances for which EZ Clean Car Wash will not be responsible for replacing the RFID sticker:

  • new windshield

  • removing

  • tampering

  • lost or stolen RFID sticker

  • damaged